Mon, Jul 22, 2024
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Our services:

Laczko Studio Inc. can help you choose from a wide range of styles suitable to your taste or to match the character of your apartment. As manufactures we create molds and fabricate quality products of reinforced gypsum. As an installer we can assure the end results will be timely and executed properly. We also work closely with architect, contractors and designers.

The Plaster cornice is a decorative molding typically installed where the wall meets the ceiling. A cornice is used to hide the joint between a wall and a ceiling so that it does not have to be finished and any cracking along the joint is hidden. Gypsum Plaster material not only allows for starker and finer designs but it last for generations. Finally unlike other decorative materials (like wood or plastic) the plaster moldings offers a seamlessness that does not crack, shift or shrink with changes in temperature and humidity. It is timeless



All of our products are gypsum-based made from natural resources -- water and plaster (gypsum) of varying hardness for differing durability needs. This provides a natural looking environmentally friendly product with exceptional durability. As well the Gypsum plaster is a non toxicnon-hazardous and non-combustible!
We offer our customers full ornamental plaster fabrication and installation for interior design. Below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our client:

  • Supply all types of plaster molding
  • Molding fabrication from Blueprints 
  • Wide range custom made products fabrication 
  • Repair of existing crowns, ornaments, ceiling medallions etc.. 
  • Restorations & replacement of any plaster product



At Laczko Studio, we are committed to high-quality, design and innovation. We offer hundreds of products including the followings:

  • Plaster Moldings (Gypsum Moulding)
  • Plaster Cove (Gypsum Cove
  • Plaster Crown (Gypsum Crown)
  • Plaster Cornice (Gypsum Cornice)
  • Ornamental Plaster Cornices (Gypsum Cornices),
  • Plaster Friezes, 
  • Plaster Chair Rails, 
  • Plaster Picture Rails, 
  • Plaster Panel Moldings, 
  • Plaster Wall Panels, 
  • Plaster Pilasters & Columns,
  • Plaster Capitals,
  • Plaster Mantels, (High-strength Gypsum panels)
  • Plaster Ornamental panels, (High-strength Gypsum panels)
  • Plaster Window & Door Casing And Trims, (High-strength Gypsum Casing & Trims)
  • Plaster Baseboards & Plinths (High-strength FGR95  Baseboards & Plinths)
  • Plaster Wainscot Paneling (High-strength Gypsum Wainscot Paneling
  • and many other architectural elements to help you design with distinction.