Mon, Jul 22, 2024
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Ornamental Plaster Panels

We can duplicate and re-install of your existing wall panels or modify according to your specifications. We create from drawings or blueprints and install any type of Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque wall panel design. As well, we can duplicate your existing ornamental plaster panel, repair or restore according to your specifications. Decorative ornamental plaster panels (ornamental gypsum panel) for walls and ceilings are a great addition to lobby, entry, vestibule, living rooms, dining room and library. We offer an impressive collection of French or Italian wall panels and beautiful master carving designs that are unsurpassed in terms of authentic architectural pedigree and classic detailing.

This product is gypsum-based. Made from natural resources using white gypsum cement (extra high-strength Hydrocal® or FGR95) and water. Gypsum plaster is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Non-Combustible!
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