Mon, Jul 22, 2024
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Plaster Crown, Plaster Cove Moldings or Plaster Cornices

We offer a wide range selection of Classic and Modern Plaster Crown or Cornice Moldings (Gypsum moldings). You can choose from plain or ornament, Modern or Art Deco, Traditional or Georgian, Baroque or Rococo these are just a few from our extensive collection. The intricate design of the plaster crown or plaster cove molding (gypsum mouldings), with precision detail, will add an elegant decorative architectural touch to any room with rich and enhanced details to ceiling & wall décor. Crown, Cove and Cornice moldings made of Plaster (Gypsum) come in hundreds of profiles and can be stained, painted, or left natural. Many of our plaster molding profiles can be customized or resized, determined, by an Architect, Designer or your specifications. Unlike other decorative materials such as wood or plastic molding, our plaster molding offers a seamlessness that does not crack, shift or shrink with changes in temperature and humidity…it is timeless!

Below is a comprehensive list of products from our extensive library:

  • Plaster Moldings (Gypsum Moulding)
  • Plaster Cove (Gypsum Cove)
  • Plaster Crown (Gypsum Crown)
  • Plaster Cornice (Gypsum Cornice)