Mon, Jul 22, 2024
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 Plaster Ceiling Product Designs

Ornamental or plain ceiling plaster molding (gypsum molding) can work miracles in a room by creating a beautiful and unique design adding style, pattern and contrast. Our Ornamental plaster molding works well with a variety of design styles. Ornamental plaster molding will enhance a rooms beauty and deliver it to the another level of elegance and style. Plaster ornaments will draw the eye up to give a room architectural character. Add an elegant ceiling molding to your decor, it will embellish your room by providing rich and intricate details. These items would be relatively easy to install by the home owner to lower expense.  

Below is a comprehensive list of products from our extensive library:

  • Plaster Ceiling Medallion
  • Plaster Ceiling Rosette
  • Plaster Ceiling Moldings
  • Plaster Coffered Ceiling