Tue, Apr 23, 2019
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Ornamental and Architectural Plaster Moulding
for Your Interior Design

Ornamental detail is the very soul and life of architecture without it, buildings
would not speak to us in the way they do." 
(William Emerson 1888)    


Laczko Studio Inc. is launching the tradition of the great European masters back into the workings of homes and historical buildings everywhere. We strive for undiminished excellence with each individual project, allowing the home owner to be as hands-on or hands-off as they like.

" All of our products are handcrafted and reproduced from sharp detailed molds. Our methods are a reflection traditional combined with modern manufacturing . We fully guarantee the quality of the workmanship in all our products and the authenticity of the molds used. "

Detailed custom work our specialty, often to architects " plans or interior decorators " specific design. Ideas can be suggested from our extensive web site range using the advice and expertise of our designers.
Our vision of " Quality & Authenticity " is held true simply because we love decorative architecture and share that love with many loyal costumers. One of our main aims is to promote the quality and authenticity of detailed architectural decor, in contrast to today's mass produced products.

The plaster can be cast into any imaginable shape providing unlimited design possibilities. It is of high strength and superb durability translates into beautiful plaster, bronze and stone mouldings that will last
for generations to enjoy.

A perfect blend of tradition and technologies, decorative moulding from Laczko Studio Inc. feature classic elegance and old world charm with a large array of distinctive motifs for designers, architects,
contractors and home owners.
We manufacture and install the finest quality plaster mouldings and constructions decorative elements for home , business , residential and commercials. Combining years experience and the European heritage in decorative Arts traditional craftsmanship and the best casting materials and finest plasters available today.
We specialize in new developments renovations or restoration project.

Laczko Studio Inc. has dedicated himself to creating a company that produces the finest architectural and ornamental plaster on the market. Drawing on his unrivaled knowledge of plaster finishes, background in design and passion for art history, Laczko Studio has transcended the boundaries of what plaster means to a home finish.

Not only is our product environmentally friendly, but it also nourishes each structure it becomes a part of decoratively and functionally. Our prices, quality service and unsurpassed product leave every home owner, designer and architect relieved that we've been able to help fulfill their mission to produce beauty and grace that lasts.

Give us a call if you have any questions. We will be pleased to help in any way we can or advise you of an alternative solution.

Laczko Studio Inc. a Plaster Ornament Company.